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If you’ve yet to buy your first pair of Bryr clogs, or need to add to your collection, circle Thursday, June 1, on your calendar. That’s when Bryr’s first collaboration, with fellow San Francisco maker Windy Chien, is officially up for grabs. After meeting last spring, Chien and Bryr founder Isobel Schofield felt an instant connection. “I was already a fan of Bryr, but as soon as I met Isobel, spent time in her Dogpatch workshop, and saw the way she speaks with her staff and customers, it became clear that our similarities are not just aesthetic,” says Chien, a Mission District artist best known for her work with ropes and knots. The two — both of whom logged in time at large corporations before going indie — wanted to collaborate as soon as they met, but decided to push their plans out until the season was right to debut a summer clog. The result is Bryr’s signature open-toed Jayne slide, $258, now featuring a set of $90 removable knots by Chien to place on top. “The clog is really beautiful, but also very playful,” says Schofield. “It’s sort of a nod to the ’70s mule.” The Jayne Knot Clog is available in American vegetable tan leather, with a solid wood base and natural-colored rope (“to keep it simple and elegant,” Schofield says). The shoe will be sold exclusively on and at Bryr, 2331 Third St., S.F., through the end of the summer.

— Katie Hintz-Zambrano


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