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About Bryr

Our story

Bryr Studio is a collection of hand-made clogs inspired by the West Coast lifestyle. Founded in 2012 and based in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco, every pair of Bryr clogs are hand-made in our factory. Dedicated to the simple idea that the best products are made with the best materials, Bryr clogs are constructed using the strongest, most supple American leathers and traditional European solid wood bases. 

The name Bryr (pronounced B·​rye·​​r, like the old English word for a thorny thicket) means to care in Swedish. We believe whole-heartedly in the intrinsic value of well-made things. With a nod towards 70's California design and a closet full of vintage clogs, we hope to bring a modern eye to classic craftsmanship.

Our Making Process

Each pair of our clogs is made by hand in our workshop in San Francisco. We are proud to say that all our leathers are sourced from US tanneries, using the best, most ecological manufacturing processes. We decided to use US leather not just to support American manufacturing, but because after searching high and low for the best, strongest, most supple leathers to make our clogs, we found it in our own backyard. We designed and engineer our bases from the ground-up and they are hand routed out of solid wood and are lightweight and strong. 

We believe in slow fashion and making things that last and we encourage our customers to visit our retail space (when we're back open in 2022!) and stay a while. 

Our Team

We're a team of nine kick-ass folks making clogs five days a week. Our retail space and production studio are all under one roof and we wouldn't have it any other way. The process of making each pair of clogs takes about a week, and every pair is touched by just about every person in the studio! On most days, we have the music playing, the pneumatic cutting machine going, and we are all happily making. 

Commitment to community

Every year, we donate to local and national organizations that reflect our values and commitment to community. This year there has been an urgent need to step up. We know that much more than money is needed right now to support, protect and be allies to people impacted by inequality in the US- especially those impacted by Covid-19, climate change, and systematic racism and violence against BIPOC. We also acknowledge that we (and I, @isobel_bryr) are beginners in this work and we are not leaders in this area. We are here to learn and welcome feedback and input on how we can do better as a small business. You can see our ongoing contributions here and our community fundraisers here

About Isobel, Founder and Chief Clog Maker

Born and raised in England, Isobel Schofield moved to the US as a teenager and feels most at home in San Francisco, California. In the spring of 2012, after more than 15 years in the apparel industry, Isobel left her job as a Design Director at a major retailer in search of something more. She had a gut feeling that there was a better way to make better things and went on what she calls a ‘creative walk-about’. 

Isobel always had an urge to learn how to make shoes and following that path, she traveled from the coast of Spain to the mountains of Sedona and, finally, to build a studio in Northern California. After a year of learning, making and refining her craft, Isobel launched her line of women’s modern clogs and Bryr Studio was born.






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Photographer Kara Brodgesell