Our Process

Our Process

Each pair of our clogs are made-to-order in our workshop in San Francisco. We are proud to say that all our leathers are sources from US tanneries, using the best (and most eco) manufacturing processes. We decided to use US leather, not just to support American Manufacturing, but because after searching high and low for the best, strongest, most supple leathers to make our clogs, we found it in our own back yard. Our bases are made out of solid wood, and are light and strong.

We believe in slow fashion and in making things that last. We encourage our customers to come for a visit and stay a while, and we love to help them find their perfect clog. Our goal is to make you a pair of clogs that you'll love (and wear!) for a long time.

The process of making each pair of clogs takes about a week, and every pair is touched by every person in the studio. We are currently an all-women team of 5 kick-ass ladies. On most days, we have the music blaring, the neumatic cutting machine going and we are all happily making. 

Here's a short film our friend Vanessa Hellmann shot that give you a little peak into the behind the scenes of making our clogs.

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