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Donations and Fundraising in 2020

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Hi Friends,

We wanted to give an update on our donations and fundraising so far in 2020. Every year, we donate to local and national organizations that reflect our values and commitment to community. This year there has been an urgent need to step up. We know that much more than money is needed right now to support, protect and be allies to people impacted by inequality in the US- especially those impacted by Covid-19, climate change, and systematic racism and violence against BIPOC. We also acknowledge that we (and I, @isobel_bryr) are beginners in this work and we are not leaders in this area. We are here to learn and welcome feedback and input on how we can do better as a small business.

These are the donations we have made in 2020. Our work is not finished, and we are excited to launch a new fundraiser tomorrow in support of Bay Area Black Leaders Retreat and throughout the rest of the year. 

Fundraising Donation Donation link
Bay Area Black Leaders Retreat $12,380 community fundraising donation Donate here.
Direct donations
Black Lives Matter $5,400 direct donation
Donate here.
The Black Neighborhood $1000 direct donation Donate here.
$1000 direct donation
Donate here.
Mission Meals
$1000 direct donation
Donate here.
Be Imaginative Collective
$1000 direct donation
Donate here.
World Center Kitchen
$1000 direct donation
Donate here.
ACLU $500 direct donation Donate here.
Flora Martinez fund for farm workers
$1000 direct donation
Donate here.
Mask Oakland $500 direct donation Donate here.
FairFight Action 
$1000 direct donation
Donate here.
Grassroots Law Project $100 direct donation Donate here.
Donations of clogs for fundraising projects*
Japanese Americans For Justice 1 pair of clogs
Dress for Success
1 pair of clogs
Together We Raise
1 pair of clogs
Donation of materials 
East Bay Creative Reuse $2500 in materials


We'll continue updating this page, so feel free to check back throughout 2020.

*If you are hosting a fundraiser and would like to request a donation from Bryr, please email workwithus@bryrstudio.com 

We welcome your input and feedback,


Isobel Schofield

Founder, Bryr Clogs

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