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*This fundraiser giveaway is now closed.

If you are interested in sponsoring this retreat at any level, please contact Genevieve at

Each $5.00 donation gives you a chance to win the following:

  • Two pairs of made-to-order clogs and
  • A virtual behind-the-scenes private video tour wherein you’ll get to meet the Bryr team and see us making your clogs!!!

Donate as much as you like! More $5 donations = more chances to win! The chance to donate closes at midnight PDT on Thursday, October 1st. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, October 2nd. 100% of the proceeds go to the Black Leaders Retreat scheduled for November 2020, which is an opportunity for some of the Bay Area’s most resilient Black leaders to reflect, relax, and plan for future action. (See more about the retreat and its founder below.)

Thank you for your support in helping create a retreat for Black Bay Area Leaders!!!



Two pairs of made-to-order clogs of your choice—which you can order now from our current collection or down the road—PLUS a virtual private video tour. You’ll get to meet the Bryr team, ask questions and witness us making your actual own clogs, following them through each step of our production process! You’ll get an inside look at how we hand make each pair from start to finish, which we think makes them even more fun to wear :)


The Black Leaders Retreat is a 3-day event in November, hosted in California. Genevieve Leighton-Armah created this retreat as a way to give back to the Black leaders who are doing the very important work of holding culture and community in the Bay Area. The retreat is a unique opportunity for local Black leaders to come together, reflect, and plan for the future, including how they can sustainably continue to work with the help of allies and people in the community.


“While transitioning out of my job in San Francisco and into law school, I decided I wanted to give back to the local San Francisco Bay Area community that has supported and allowed me to be the confident, young leader that I am now. These are the people that are holding culture and community in the Bay Area, and they need a break. It’s time for us to think about how we can be more sustainable and divvy up some of the work outside of just Black folx. I had an idea to do a retreat and the idea behind it is super important: it’s an opportunity to lean on allies to help us raise money and take the time we need to relax, reflect on all the work we’ve done in the community this far, and better plan for the future. I want to create a cohort that starts from this retreat and continues to hold each other accountable so that we continue to live more well-rounded lives for years to come. I also want the retreat to be as Black as possible from every single aspect that I can make, including speakers, volunteers, vendors, and attendees. I think it’s a nice opportunity for me to support Black people not only by coming to the retreat but also by supporting Black businesses locally.”
*Photo by Lisa Frare.


Each donation for this fundraiser giveaway will help make the Black Leaders Retreat a safe space for Black people to rest, reflect, and plan for the future. The retreat will provide not only amazing materials, activities, and a comfortable stay but will also provide attendees with a stipend for their energy and time.
*Photo by Wallah Umoja.

More About The Giveaway
If I make multiple $5.00 donations, is that more chances to win the grand prize?
Yes!! For example, if you buy 5 for $25.00, that’s 5 donations and  5 chances to win the clogs + the private tour (and more money going towards a great cause!).

Which clogs could I win?
Any clogs from our current (or future!) collections!! You can order them both right away, or we’ll issue you a gift card code that doesn’t expire for purchase later on down the road.

Tell me more about the virtual tour.
The virtual tour is a private video tour we’ll schedule with you to meet the Bryr team and go behind the scenes to see the step-by-step process of making your personal clogs. We’ll show you your clogs as they are cut, prepped, stapled, lasted, finished, and shipped! We’ll work with you to schedule the private video tour. It must be scheduled within 6 months. We can’t wait to meet the winner!!

More About The Retreat
How much of the funds raised will go to the retreat?
100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser giveaway will go to the Black Leaders Retreat.

I am interested in attending the retreat. Is that possible?
The first cohort is a committed group of Bay Area Leaders that have been meeting since July 2020. If you would like to get involved in future events or have any questions regarding attending or directly contributing to the event please contact Genevieve directly: (Please note that Bryr is not directly organizing the event.)

I am interested in supporting the retreat further, is that possible?
Yes!!! We encourage our community to support the retreat directly. You can make direct donations to the retreat by contacting them here:

I’m an ally individual or company, how can I help?
If you are an ally, and you're interested in supporting this event by volunteering time, expertise, or additional financial support, please contact Genevieve at

When is the retreat?
The retreat is scheduled for November of 2020. For more information on the details of the retreat, please contact Genevieve directly:

Will you share more about the retreat after it happens?
Yes! We will follow up with info about the retreat after it happens.

Why are we supporting Black Leaders Retreat?
We at Bryr believe this retreat is an important way that we can give back to our community and be an ally to Black folx in our community. As Genevieve has so perfectly put it, “This retreat is for Black folx who live and have grown up on the soil that [Bryr] calls home and where [Bryr] runs its business.”

If you have any other questions regarding the giveaway, feel free to email us at hello@bryrstudio.comIf you have any other questions regarding the retreat, please contact the Black Leaders Retreat at

Thank you SO much for being here and for your support, whether that’s in the form of donations or spreading the word!!! It all helps Black leaders in our community be able to continue their work while living well-balanced lives.

    In-stock clogs, socks and totes ship in 2-5 business days. Our current estimated Made-To-Order (MTO) queue is: 4-6 weeks.

    Standard shipping does NOT include insurance. Please contact us if you'd like to pay to add insurance to your order.

    All of our clogs are handmade under one roof in San Francisco! We frequently update the MTO queue estimate above based on incoming orders and our production capacity. We do everything we can to make and ship your MTO clogs within this window; however, due to the nature of our production, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date.

    Bryr Size Chart:

    Our Heel
    Our bases are carved out of a solid piece of wood. We have four different bases: mid heel, high heel, platform, and worker. Our mid heel is 2 1/4" with a 1" front lift. Our high heel is 3 1/4" with a 1" lift.  Our platform is roughly 2". Our worker clog is roughly 1 3/4". Please note, each heel type is available in different sizes.

    • Worker clog: US women's sizes 4–13
    • Block heel: US women's sizes 4–13
    • Platform: US women's size 4–13
    • High heel: US women's size 4–11

    Half Sizes
    We offer whole sizes only. If you are a half size, we recommend sizing down in our high-heel styles and sizing up in our block heel, platform, and worker clog styles. For example, if you are ordering a high heel and are in between an 8 and a 9, order an 8. If you are ordering a block heel, platform, or worker clog, order a 9. Please see below for more examples of what this might mean for you and the style/heel height you choose.

    Platform and The Worker Clog, all styles

    If you are between two full sizes, we suggest you size up in the platform & worker clog. For instance, if you are a between an 8 and a 9 and would like to order the Ursi or Worker Clog, we suggest you order a 9. If one foot is larger than the other, go with the size of the larger foot.

    Block Heel, open toe styles

    If you are between two full sizes, we suggest you size up in a block heel, open toe style as you will sit back on the base. For instance, if you are a between an 8 and a 9 and would like to order a Gabe block heel, we suggest you order a 9. If one foot is larger than the other, go with the size of the larger foot.

    High Heel, open toe styles

    With open toe styles in our high heel, your foot is more likely to slide forward a bit, especially in styles with a more open toe such as the sandal toe. If you are between two full sizes, we suggest you size down in a high heel, open toe clog. For instance, if you are a between an 8 and a 9 and would like to order Emma Cross Toe in a high heel, we suggest you order a 8. If one foot is larger than the other, go with the size of the larger foot. 

    Block heel, closed toe styles

    In closed toe styles, your foot will stop where the leather does. If you are between two full sizes, we suggest you size up in a block heel, closed toe clog. This is because your foot will sit back on the base. For instance, if you are a between an 8 and a 9 and would like to order Gabe block heel, we suggest you order a 9. If one foot is larger than the other, go with the size of the larger foot.

    High Heel, closed toe styles

    In closed toe styles, your foot will stop where the leather does. If you are between two full sizes, we suggest you size down in a high heel, closed toe clog. This is because your foot will slide forward slightly in a high heel. For instance, if you are a between an 8 and a 9 and would like to order Chloe, we suggest you order a 8. If one foot is larger than the other, go with the size of the larger foot.


    Please note that as of 9/20/19, we started referring to our sizes as US sizes. Our fit and sizing have NOT changed. Our bases are made for us in Europe, and they are stamped with a European size on the bottom of the base. However, over the years we have found that this base size does not correspond exactly to international sizing info, and this has caused some confusion. To keep it simple and make things clearer, going forward we will only refer to the US size. Don't worry, we have done the research and translated the size accurately, and we know the info we are sharing is correct! Please note that our sizing has NOT changed. If you have ordered with us in the past, you can order by the US size listed on your previous order. If you do not have access to that order, please email us and we can assist you. Thanks for your patience.

    More questions? We've got answers. Check our out FAQ page, or email us at

    We gladly offer returns for store credit on new, unworn clogs within 20 days of receipt. You may exchange in-stock and made-to-order clogs.

    Store credit never expires and is issued in the form of a digital gift card. Please see below to ensure a successful exchange.

    ~~We do not offer refunds~~


    Please note that we can only accept new, unworn clogs, and we cannot accept returned clogs that show wear -- including marks on the foot bed, outsoles or scuffs on the leather. We recommend trying them on with clean and dry feet


    If you find an exchange is necessary, please ensure clogs are new, unworn and undamagedFill out your reasoning on the back of your packing slip and enclose the slip with your clogs, affixing the prepaid USPS return label on your box. You may drop your package at any USPS location or schedule a free pick up by visiting

    The buyer assumes all responsibility for any damage sustained during shipment, so please package carefully. Bryr Studio is not responsible for packages lost or damaged during transit. 

    If your return is approved, you will automatically be issued a digital gift code for the cost of the clogs, less shipping, to your email within 3-5 business days of arrival at our studio. You do not need to reach out to us via email. Gift codes do not expire and may be used online and in store. Any additional purchases will be made and shipped within our stated production turnaround time. We do not expedite exchange orders.

    International customers, please reach out to us at to arrange an exchange. All international customers are responsible for shipping, taxes and duties levied by your country. Bryr is not responsible for any additional charges you may incur during shipping, receiving and returning.

    Please note, returns are accepted at Bryr Studio’s discretion. Returns must be new, unworn, undamaged. Returns that do not meet this criteria will not be approved. If a return is not approved, we will reach out to via email to discuss next steps.

    Resale on ReBRYR

    If you miss this window or you have worn the clogs, you can resell them on our resale website, reBRYR, which you can access here.



    All sale items, including Online Sample Sale, are final sale and non-refundable.


    Our socks are fully refundable if unworn with tags still attached. Please see above for more information!  


    We stand by the craftsmanship of our goods. If you have any questions or concerns about your clogs, please reach out to us at and we'll take care of you!

    Please note that we do not accept returns on clogs that have been chipped. Our clog bases are made of solid wood, and if struck against a hard surface with sufficient force, will chip. This is the nature of wooden bases, not a material defect. To learn more about our clogs and how to care for them, please see our care page


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