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Clogaholics, prepare to fall off the wagon. Blame Bryr, your enabler.

Don't worry, having too many clogs is not a thing, especially when they're expertly handcrafted with love by SF label and Dogpatch resident Bryr. Founder Isobel Schofield just shared lots of exciting clompy footwear news. A few days ago, the block heel—2.25-inch high with a 1-inch lift in the front—made its debut. Infinitely walkable and decidedly un-schlumpy, it shows up in two new styles: The too-cool-for-school Gabe ($292) and the Daphne ($294), a fun slingback. Also worthy of celebration: Kelp. The brand-new shade is a yummy deep goldenrod with a hint of green. Yep, it's available in all styles. Bottoms up!




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