What is Natural Leather? 

We refer to our non-dyed veg-tanned leather as 'natural'. It can also called "Vachetta leather" or 'Veg tanned" leather. We source our natural leather from a US heritage tannery that's been making leather like this for over 100 years. Our natural leather is 'vegetable tanned', meaning that the tannery uses natural barks and vegetation to tan the raw materials. There is no chrome in our natural leather.

Does Natural leather change? 


Natural leather is processed with no dyes or chrome. That means that melanin in the hide's surface interacts with sun, oils and wear over time and naturally tans from a soft pink to a deep caramel over years of wear. 

Natural clogs will not stay 'perfect' and they will show wear called a "Patina". This patina is highly desirable for many people. In the image above, the left sandal is new, while the right hand side pair are 2 years old. (Louis Vuitton made vachetta famous). 

How quickly will they change? 

That really depends on the amount of wear you give them, but they usually start to change as soon as you start wearing them. If you're wearing them in direct strong sunlight the change will happen faster. 

Should I store them in a special way? 

We recommend storing all our clogs in the muslin bag we ship them in. This helps prevent sun-damage and helps them tan more evenly.  

Should I treat the natural leather?

Our natural leather has a lightly treated surface that will wear-in beautifully. however, if you want to treat it more fully, there are several products on the market that are made specifically for Vachetta leather.  This is one that we have found that works quite well, however be aware that it will change the color of the leather. 


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