Your name: Brittany
Your pronouns: She/Her
Your pronouns: Laguna Beach, CA
What you do: Director of Marketing (day job) + Lifestyle Content Creator
and Blogger  + a mom of two!

BRYR: Can you tell us a little about your journey becoming a lifestyle
blogger? What do you love about it?

BRITTANY: Originally I started my blog as a creative space for me to share things in Orange County that I thought were cool, plus why it’s “cool” being a mom. It’s since evolved into a journey of self discovery through new passions— eco friendly, sustainable, low waste living and supporting small shops with a few Disney shenanigans thrown in here and there. I also recently quit drinking alcohol, so I glamorize life without it. What I love most about this online space is discovering local small shops, and small businesses. In all of my passions, I’ve found online
communities that go along with them. That’s pretty cool!

BRYR: What project from 2022 are you most proud of and why? 

BRITTANY: When we had our second child, we went the complete secondhand route. Everything we have from the crib, and clothes to the stroller and diaper bag is either something we already had in our home, given to us secondhand or found on facebook marketplace. It’s freeing to not have a lot of unnecessary baby “stuff.” We also worked to reduce our waste in many areas within our home. So we have a lot of sustainable swaps— plus we’ve been refilling household items at local refill stores in Orange County (one of my new favorite hobbies).

BRYR: What are you excited about in 2023? 

BRITTANY: I’m excited to continue to learnabout eco friendly, sustainable and low waste living—from small shops to brands that are making a difference. I’m also looking forward to journeying through slow living and sharing with my kids. I’m also excited to continue to go outside of my comfort zone. While that doesn’t sound exciting— it’s led me to some rad people, and experiences…so I want to do more!

BRYR: What advice would you give your younger self?

BRITTANY: Advice I would give my younger self—You’re good enough, society doesn’t define success….YOU do, and DON’T wear that! ;)

BRYR: How would you describe your sense of style?

BRITTANY: My sense of style is comfort chic—ha! I always want anything that I wear to allow me to look and feel comfortable. Especially with kids, at any moment I may need to be able to run and jump and play, so comfort is key. I’m a sucker for anything oversized! My closet is very minimal as I’m working to build a capsule wardrobe with thrifted, vintage and slow fashion pieces. I wear a lot of earthy tones, and sometimes throw in blue hues as a homage to the ocean and my hometown.

BRYR: Which Bryr clogs did you pick and why?

BRITTANY: I immediately fell in love with the worker clogs! The natural leather color goes with any outfit. The design and low heel are GREAT for every day wear. They’re very comfortable and durable!

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Photos taken by: Mary Hurlbut