Since our very first sample sale in 2015, hosting our annual sample sale has been a super important way that we reduced waste, improved quality and shared our products with more people. And we love that!

As you probably already know, we make handmade clogs using natural materials. Our materials often have natural blemishes that we can't use for our 'first quality' clogs- a scuff here and nick there. Rather than putting these materials into landfill, they find a home at sample sale. 

Most of the clogs in our sample sale are seconds. That means they are either production clogs that we rejected because something happened during their making- a small nick, a small blemish, a little wrinkle. Or, they are clogs that we actutally MAKE using seconds or retired materials. These could be a part of the hide that has small superficial blemishes or bases that have nicks or scratches. It could be a color we are no longer making. Making and selling these clogs to you at a reduce price means that we keep these materials out of landfill. Its also means you get a great deal :) 

You have our word that every pair of clogs in sample sale is CUTE and is wearable!!! Often, looking at them you might not even be able to tell why it's a second. Don't worry, it can be our little secret. 




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