For the past 7 years, we have been hosting an annual sample sale. For the first 4 years, our sample sale was held in person. It was honestly the highlight of our year, getting to see all your lovely faces. We moved our sample sale online at the beginning of the pandemic and we found that it reached across the world. 

We’ve put together some questions about the how and why of our sample sale. 

What are the clogs in sample sale? 

Some of our sample sale clogs are perfect returned clogs, these are priced at 15% off retail. The clogs in the 25%-40% off range are either clogs that do not pass our QC during the year OR are clogs that we make using our rejected leather and bases. For instance, bases that have small scratches in them, or leather that has organic marks on it. Making seconds clogs allows us to use more of our materials and keep those materials out of land-fill, which is something we really love. 

Why is your sample sale so helpful in maintaining Bryr's high quality? 

As a small manufacturer in the US, our margins are very tight. We choose to use the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship. Being able to sell out seconds helps our margin and means that we keep our waste to a minimum.

Are there special things in the sale? 

Yes!!! When we are making clogs for the sale, we get to pull out discontinued leathers and be playful with what we make. We always want to make things that are very cute and wearable, but it gives us a bit more freedom to get creative. 

What colors might we see again in the sale?

We can’t tell all our secrets, but you’’ll be seeing some colors and styles you haven’t seen in a while. For instance, we’ve made some really cute Fern and Lavender clogs. For more info, you’ll have to log on for the sale :) 

Will there be clogs in all sizes?

Yes, we make sure that we have or make clogs in our complete size range, from size 4-13. We want everyone to have the chance to find something fun! 

Eek! I don’t know what size I am!

We get this question every year and we want you to know that our clogs run true to US sizes. You can read more about our sizing here

Will sample sale ever be in-person again?

We hope to move at least SOME of the sale to in-person in 2023. We miss you too!

Are the clogs final sale? 

Yes, all discounted clogs are FINAL SALE. 

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  • Chris Allen: July 28, 2023
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    WHEN?? That is the question that I most want to see answered. FYI, I JUST found out about your brand today. It was recommended to me by my podiatrist! So, that’s one heck of a reco! I’m dying to dive in, so a sample sale would be ideal, and since I’m in San Francisco, I will show up in person.

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