We asked Ray, one of our skilled Manufacturing Teammates, some questions about what it’s like to work at Bryr. 

Here’s what they shared with us. 

BRYR: How long have you worked at Bryr?

RAY: For about 8 months!

BRYR: What is your current role at Bryr?
RAY: Manufacturing Teammate and occasional studio DJ
BRYR: What's your favorite thing about being part of the Manufacturing Team?
RAY: So many things! I love that we all have input and a sense of ownership over the studio. We swap tips on how to make our cleanest, cutest work. Not to mention our ongoing Music League group!
BRYR: What do you love most about making clogs?
RAY: Working at Bryr has instilled in me an appreciation for small beautiful details! Before my time here, I didn't think much about the journey an object takes to be created. Now, I'm much more mindful of the skill manufacturing and craftspeople employ to make little details - a clean edge, wrinkle-less surfaces, even coloring etc. I feel like I can see beauty in more things!
BRYR: What was your most challenging skill to learn, and how did you master it?
RAY: The most challenging station for me was Lasting. It can be tricky to get the forms right and takes stamina. I mastered this station by the encouragement of the team and sheer perseverance - haha! Our team lead Amanda reminded me that a steady flow of mistakes is normal during the learning process. They told me to be patient with myself and took the pressure off of being "perfect". It really taught me how to be an open learner.
BRYR: What's your favorite lunch/drinks spot in Dogpatch?
RAY: 2 of my favorite sandwiches in the city are within a block from our studio! L'Italien from La Fromagerie and the Taiwanese Pork Cutlet from Wooly Pig.
BRYR: Which clog style is your favorite?
RAY: Zoe and Worker Slide. I love a handsome and comfortable clog!
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