We asked Amanda, our Manufacturing Lead, some questions about what it’s like to work at Bryr. Here’s what she shared with us. 

Bryr: How long have you worked at Bryr?

Amanda: A little over 3 years

Bryr:  What is your current role at Bryr?

Amanda: I’m our Manufacturing Lead, supporting our badass manufacturing team

Bryr:  What’s your favorite thing about being part of the Manufacturing Team? 

Amanda: I honestly really enjoy making clogs. I’ve always been interested in making and processes in making, so it’s fun collaborating with the team to make these beautiful things and improve our processes along the way. I also love helping to develop new styles!

Bryr: What do you love most about making clogs?

Amanda: Probably working with all of the natural materials we use. I still get excited when I see some bases with an interesting wood grain or when we get a new leather color. I’m also a very tactile person, so I enjoy touching all the things. 

Bryr:  What was your most challenging skill to learn, and how did you master it?

Amanda: I think it’s probably a tie between stapling or cutting. Repetitive practice for both definitely helped and mastery came with time, but also following my work along in the process. Like seeing how that pair of clogs I stapled shaped out or if the leather I cut stretched well in lasting. 

Bryr: What’s your favorite lunch/drinks spot in Dogpatch?

Amanda: The team usually gets boba on Fridays, so Honeybear Boba has to make the list. For food, Just For You- great diner and super sweet people that work there. Looking forward to when the new Souvla across the street opens up. Fries and frozen yogurt? Hello, I am ready for you.

Bryr:  Which clog style is your favorite?

Amanda: Oof, that one is tough. You will usually find me in a pair of Workers in electric blue, but I also keep my Zoes, Normas and Gabes in heavy rotation.

Interested in joining the Bryr Team? Check out. our current job listings here

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  • Brooke: October 04, 2022
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    Amanda is the best!

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