We caught up with Bryr's creator, Isobel Schofield, and asked her about her creative space.

All photos are by Kara Brodgell. Isobel is wearing the Chonk in Coal

Sam: Tell us a little about your work space.

Isobel: I feel very lucky to have such a beautiful space to work and create in. We started work on our new space in 2022, and I worked directly with our contractor to design out the space. I knew I wanted to have a dedicated design/work space that would be adjacent to the clog production area. That way, I could be part of things, but also have a separate space to work and create. The spot I chose has great light and it feels 'tucked in' in an really nice way. 

Sam: What's your favorite thing about the space. 

Isobel: OMG, the doors for sure! We were working with a contractor who happened to have a welder on staff. I showed him some inspiration images from NY style french doors and he was like "We can totally to that!" We modeled them off the existing historic windows already in the space, so they feel like they belong to the building. I get goose bumps every time I open the door to my space- they are really special and my favorite things abou the design. 

Another thing I love is that I decided that I just didn't need a work desk. After years of my desk becoming a spot where paper just piled up, but I never actually worked at it, I decided that I didn't really need one. Instead, I usually sit cross legged on my couch when I"m working on my computer. I use my work bench to do all my designing and making. 

Sam: Can you share the furniture sources?

Isobel: Sure! As as small business, we do most things on a tight budget- so most of the furniture at BRYR is from Ikea:) It's affordable, lasts, has simple design, and can be used for a lot of different purposes. The sofas is the Soederamn sofa, which we use in my studio and in the shop.  The white shelves are no longer available, but these are similar. I use these these are the cabinets which are nice becuase they lock. The work bench is from Global industrial, and I love it because the top is solid wood. The coffee table was build for us about 6 years ago by a local carpenter. 

Sam: What advice would you give someone who wants to make a work space at home. 

Isobel: Carve out a tiny corner where you can work!!! When I was growing up, one of my childhood friends literally took over a closet in their house, and he spent a lot of time in there creating art. I think it's really important to have your own little corner where you can make a mess and leave it!!! 


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