Greetings Friends,

Like the majority of the country, the Bryr team and I have safely hunkered down for the next month. For now, we are working from our kitchen tables. Our website is still open and we are taking orders!

I can hardly express the gratitude I feel towards our community right now. Gratitude to the people who wrote us messages of encouragement via email, DM, or comments on our Instagram and spoke with us on the phone. Gratitude to those who logged on for our online sample sale and archive event. Gratitude to the people who shared @bryrclogs with their friends. Gratitude towards my team, who have risen to this challenge with incredible grace and embraced this temporary "new normal." Gratitude for my fellow business owners who have been sharing words of support and helpful resources. This moment, however hard it is, also feels like a beautiful coming together of love and community.

We're still here and we're taking this opportunity to evolve and IMPROVE on how we connect with you guys. In the next week, we will be rolling out some new ways to connect with us. The first step has been to build this blog (yes, we are the LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH to launch a blog LOL) where we will be sharing helpful information. 

This week we launched phone consultations with our customer service team. This is an easy way for you to get your questions answered and connect with us. We are happy to answer your fit, style, or order questions in person. You can schedule a 15-minute phone consultation every day, between 11am and 5:30 pm. They'll be ready to chat from their kitchen tables and answer all your clog questions. Sign up for a spot here.

As a team, we've realized we have a deep desire to connect with our community (you!) more deeply. We have some plans in the works to create ways to strengthen our connection with you guys even more over the next few weeks. I believe that in this heavy time, we all need more connection, lightness, and even possibly fun to get us through together.

From my kitchen table to yours, 





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