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Notes from the Studio

  • Donations and Fundraising in 2020

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    We wanted to give an update on our donations and fundraising so far in 2020. Every year, we donate to local and national organizations that reflect our values and commitment to community. This year their has been an urgent need to step up. We know that much more than money is needed right now to support, protect and be allies to people impacted by inequality in the US- especially those impacted by Covid-19, climate change, and systematic racism and violence against BIPOC. We also acknowledge that we (and I, @isobel_bryr) are beginners in this work and we are not leaders in this area. We are here to learn and welcome feedback and input on how we can do better as a small business.
  • A few delays but we're back on track!!!

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    We want to thank everyone who's been so patience with us over the last few weeks. We've had a few unexpected delays on our platform orders going out in the promised 45 day turn around. We don't like making excuses, but we do want to share the reason for the delay. Our cutting dies were delayed, which meant we our cutting was delayed. Then, the smoke from the California wild fires closed the shop down for a couple days. 

    But we're back on track, and we're shooting for getting all the platform orders out by the end of next week. If you have any specific questions regarding your order, we're super happy to chat via email or on the phone. 

    This delay does not affect orders placed today- we are still running at a 30-45 day turn around on all new orders! 

    We so appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • Agave Pre-Order Round 2: Rules of Enjoyment

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    We are so happy you guys love AGAVE!!! In response to the outpouring of your Agave love we have received over the past couple months, we have decided to add Agave to our fall line!!! AND, we’ve decided to open up pre-ordering of Agave, for an early September delivery!!! Yay!!!

  • Estimated Ship Windows for Orders Placed in March, April, and May

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    We are getting back to making as safely and productively as we can, and this week, we’ve worked to make a really solid plan on how and when we will make and ship all of the made-to-order clogs purchased while we were out of the studio.

  • Back in Business

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    Today is our first day manufacturing and it feels so good to be together again. Our number one priority is SAFELY and productively making and shipping your clogs—and that’s what we are focused on 100% right now.

  • Resuming Essential Functions at Bryr This Week - May 5, 2020

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    We are so excited to share that this week we are resuming some key essential functions at Bryr! The health and safety of our team and community are our top priority, and so every choice we make and action we take hinges on strictly following state and city orders.

    San Francisco has not yet lifted the ban on non-essential manufacturing. We are, however, able to send a small crew in to resume shipping of in-stock clogs and receive exchanges.


  • Summer Capsule- Pre-order goes live Saturday at 11:30 am PDT!

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    Summer Capsule Pre-order goes live Saturday at 11:30 am PDT!

  • Rules of Enjoyment: Summer Capsule Collection - Pre-Order

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    The Summer Capsule Collection—including Agave, Marigold, Paprika, and Sand in sandal and clog styles—will be available for pre-order this Saturday at 11:30 am PDT! We are so excited to share these with you all, and we estimate a late June or early July shipment… just in time for SUMMER!

  • San Francisco Shelter-in-Place Extension

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    This Monday, March 30th, San Francisco officials decided to extend the 3-week shelter-in-place—originally set to end on April 7th—to Sunday, May 3rd. We are proud of our city’s leaders for doing their part to flatten the curve and save lives! This is what it means for Bryr.

  • Greetings from my kitchen table - April 2, 2020

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    Dear Friends,

    Like the majority of country, the Bryr team and I have safely hunkered down for the next month, following the order of our city officials to shelter in place until May 1st. For the foreseeable future, we're going to be working from our kitchen table.  We support our city and state officials and want to do all we can to slow the curve and support the health and wellbeing of our community...

  • Isobel's Archive Leather Event (Ended April 1)

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    I always keep a special rack in my studio of past leathers and new ideas. It’s an archive of where we have been and where we are going. This weekend we decided to open that rack up to you guys and allow you to shop from these gorgeous colors!

  • Online Sample Sale, March 20th (Sold Out!)

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    This morning at 8:30 am we launched a sample sale online. By 8:45 we were almost completely sold out. 7000 of you logged on. 7000.

  • A Letter from Isobel, March 19th

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    As many of you know, our San Francisco city leaders made the weighty decision to close the city down on Monday. We feel proud of our leaders for making this decision to protect the health of at-risk communities. Our online shop remains open, however our retail store and manufacturing is complying with this order and has closed for three weeks. As a small business, this is a big deal to our bottom line.

  • San Francisco Shelter-in-Place Announced

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    On March 17, leaders of San Francisco—the city we call home—ordered all residents to shelter in place. With this, Bryr’s brick-and-mortar shop is closed and our production studio has slightly shifted operations.

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