We caught up with our long-time muse and friend, Jillian, and asked her about her journey becoming a stylist, what she's got cooking these days, and which are her favorite Bryr clogs. Here's what she shared with us. 

Your name: Jillian Knox

Where you live: San Francisco, CA

Your job: Stylist (Food/Props/Wardrobe)

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Tell me a little about your journey becoming a stylist.

In what feels like a lifetime ago, I used to sell vintage. I graduated from SCAD during the 2008 recession, and no one was hiring photographers (rendering my newly minted BFA useless)– so I had to pivot to pay my bills. I started selling online out of my Chicago apartment, styling the clothes and my finds on my friends and taking the pictures, editing, copywriting, and marketing  myself. I did this for about ten years before going in-house. There’s just something about working for yourself that I really love– working with different people from project to project, it makes the job special for me. I had no idea that the wonky path I took would get me here. I’ve learned a lot.

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What's the last project you did and what did you like about it? 

I was the food and prop stylist for Diasporican, a cookbook by Illyana Maisonet.The release is October 18th! 

The last project I did, at least independently, was through the company my husband and I co-founded during the pandemic; Casa Ojo. This project is Cocteles de Temporada, a seasonal cocktail book series. We collaborated with chefs and bartenders from the US and Mexico, and partnered with beverage brands both locally in the Bay Area, and beyond. It was also printed in the Bay as well. It means so much to me to connect my community through beautiful art, food and drink.

Speaking of which, one of my favorite projects for Casa Ojo involves BRYR. Our Quesito Boards are made with BRYR leather remnants and assembled by another woman-owned San Francisco company, Billie Marie Goods. The amount of work it takes to make a product you’re proud of is immense. It becomes an obsession. But oh man, when you get it right it feels so good.

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What piece of advice would you give the 25 year old you? 

You’re doing a good job, give yourself some grace.

How would you describe your style?

I have no idea how I would describe my style, but I know that I often let my eyes be my guide. Line, shape, drape, opacity, texture, color. DIana Vreeland said it best “the eye has to travel.”

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What are your favorite bryr clogs styles?

For me, BRYR Clogs are my equivalent to being a sneakerhead. I’m a clog head. Lol. But I really feel like that!

The Norma Platform in Coal and the Zoe in Fennel are pretty much my dailly slippers. They’re so easy to to throw on if I have to run to the store or my studio. The Zoe I got one size up so I can wear in the colder months with thick wool socks.

The Jesse Monochrome in Flame got me through the summer, for real. It goes with everything and looks awesome!!

This new block heel though, I’m really in love. It’s a heel you can dress up or down, femme or tomboyish. And this Kelp color is perfect for cozy autumnal color combos. I have the block heel Jayne monochrome in Juniper and the Gabe in Kelp

Jesse monochrome in flame- MTO. 

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