We were so excited to meet Jasmine from Girl, thrifted when we were in LA recently! We Just had to have her featured in our meet the muse series and see how she styled our classic worker clogs! Enjoy.

Your name: Jasmine Ash

Where you live: Los Angeles, CA 

What you do: I'm a songwriter 

Your instagram: Girlthrifted

Isobel   Can you tell us a little about your love of Thrifting? How did you get into it? 

Jasmine : I've been thrifting since I can remember as my parents were avid secondhand shoppers. We had a few thrift shops in our small town that we would frequent and I think from an early age it was just instilled in me that secondhand was the way to go.

My brother and I grew so fast that it made sense to spend less for more, and I loved looking through the racks to see what we could find! That continued on through college and then one of my first jobs out of college was managing a Buffalo Exchange in Portland.

That's when I knew thrifting had become part of my DNA and shopping secondhand was part of my lifestyle. 

Isobel :   There are so many personal and environmental benefits to Thrifting. Why are you personally drawn to thrifting? Why's it important to you?

Jasmine: I think shopping secondhand from a young age really helped! That love and familiarity of thrifting then evolved into love of high quality, well made pieces manufactured sustainably as possible, and I've sort of based my current lifestyle on those principles.

Plus, that feeling when you find something you love or have been looking for at a great deal is irreplaceable! Not to mention, beneficial for the planet.

I care about my pocketbook and I also care about the health of the planet. I try to be mindful of my personal consumption by not buying fast fashion, for example, and really try and focus on sustainable brands as well as thrifting and shopping secondhand.

Isobel : For someone who's a beginner thrifter, what advice would you give them on starting?

Jasmine : My tips are: always plan on spending a bit of time at the thrift, the digging is worth it!

A second tip is to be mindful of your personal consumption when thrifting, as well. What will you really wear? What do you really need? These are questions I always try to ask myself! I think it's important to try and not over-consume because though things are there and inexpensive, it kind of defeats the purpose to over buy.

Leave some for others! 

Isobel    In 2022, we launched reBRYR, a community platform for buying and selling clogs. What do you think of platforms like this, and how can we make them even better?

Jasmine : I really love this idea! It gives people a chance to benefit from lightly worn clogs that may have not worked for someone else and re circulates them back into the world to have life with another! LOVE it. I just checked out the site and it's beautiful and very straight forward- a couple of things that I find important when navigating the secondhand platforms!

Isobel: What's your favorite Bryr clog style and how do you style them? 

Jasmine :Right now my favorite Bryr clogs are the Worker clogs- I'm on the go a lot but also spend a lot of time sitting in music studios so I need comfortable,sturdy shoes that go with everything and will last a very long time!

I'm finding I can wear them with sweat suits and pretty dresses alike. They're also the perfect amount of height for me to feel good about wearing them all around town, doing whatever I need to do! I highly recommend them!

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