Name: Audrey Leary (@homerunballerina)

Where you live: Northwest Corner of Connecticut

Your job: I’m a professionally trained pastry chef, and my husband and I run a tiny dinner restaurant, but I’ve also started doing some interior design work part-time.

Q.Tell me a little about your journey sharing your style on instagram

A. I  really started posting on a semi-regular basis when the pandemic started. Before March 2020 we had two restaurants, and one was a bakery/breakfast/lunch place where I worked probably 50 or so hours a week, so I just didn’t have time for much social media. When the pandemic hit I found myself at home with lots of creative energy and nowhere to put it, so I started posting outfits, mostly to keep myself from just being bummed out in sweatpants every day. I found a great slow fashion community on instagram and it really helped my sanity in the last couple of years.

Q. What's the last project you did and what did you like about it? 

A. I am constantly working on our house in little ways - a paint project here, a faux wallpaper there, rearranging a room there. I recently re-designed our TV room and it feels really nice and comfy and sunny in there now and it’s making me really happy.

Q. What piece of advice would you give the 25 year old you? 

A. Oh, man. The same advice I’m trying to constantly give the 37 year old me, haha. No knows exactly what they’re doing and it’s totally okay to fake it until you make it. I think I’ve always had this idea that everyone else is confident and certain and just completely owning what they’re doing and I’m realizing more and more that everyone has doubt and fear and you just have to push through it. 

Q. How would you describe your style? 

A. Colorful, fun, sixties-meets-90s-meets-today. I love vintage and vintage-inspired styles but I like to mix them with more simple, modern styles and styling so I don’t feel like I’m wearing a costume.

Q. What are your favorite bryr clogs styles? 

A. I love my Mayas - I have them in two colors - perfect for elevating any outfit, and I love how I can layer them with socks in the spring and fall to wear the almost all year round. I’m also a classic worker clog gal.

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Maya in fennel

Maya in monochrome black