Your name:
Amanda Jane Jones
Where you live:
Wasatch Mountain foothills in Utah
What do you do:
Tell me a little about your journey to becoming a graphic designer/illustrator/social media person?
My mom made our home a place where you could be creative easily. We had closets full of art supplies and fabric. I just always loved creating. During the summers, I would be my mom's second shooter (she was a wedding and portrait photographer) and I soon learned that I needed a job with less human interaction, so I chose graphic design. I primarily did design for about ten years and then decided to explore other options like illustration and product design and childrens books. Basically it just meant creating time to play around and brainstorm new ideas - a lot of the time it was just me sketching and cutting shapes with my kids, but it morphed into something profitable and marketable which is always fun. I love my job. No two days are the same. Being creative feels life giving to me, so I'm so glad that it's a part of my everyday life. 
What's the last project you did and what did you like about it?
I just rebranded the furniture company SinCa ( - they haven't launched the new logo yet, but we just saw eye to eye from moment one. It's the best when you jive creatively with your client. It's simple and timeless but also fun and quirky. I'm excited to share it when it's done!  
What piece of advice would you give the 25 year old you?
Honestly, I would tell her to not be so apologetic. And I'd tell her that her voice matters and so do her opinions. I'd tell her that life is a lot less complicated than you think and I'd for sure tell her that she's wonderful just the way she is. I've loved the confidence and contentment that's come with age and I wish so much I could have passed that down to my younger self. 
How would you describe your style?
I love comfort. I love simple and unique cuts and pops of color. and I love to dress up, but also love pajamas. 
What are your favorite bryr clogs styles?
I love your monochrome daphne clogs! so chic and modern. The week I got my monochrome poppy clogs, I think I wore them everyday for the next three weeks. 
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