Welcome to our new blog series that we're calling The Big Day. Over the years, we've seen so many of you get hitched in our clogs and so we wanted to highlight some of your special Big Days. We also wanted to get to know you a little deeper, and learn more about what inspires you. We are kicking this series off by interviewing Sam and asking them a little about their big day. 

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Your name:
Sam Slupski
Where you live:
St. Louis, Missouri
What you do:
I'm a freelance health and wellness writer, content creator, and communications intern for the St. Louis Queer+ Support Helpline.
Sam is wearing Miranda sandal toe in fennel and custom wedding jumpsuit from Everybody
We've loved seeing your wedding photos on Instagram. Can you tell me a little about your wedding day and the lead-up to the event?
Aw, thank you! My wedding day was, not to be cliché but, the best day of my life. We had a 30-person gathering at a boutique hotel in downtown Kansas City. We love gathering over food so we had a big dinner party with all our best friends and my partner's family. The lead up to the event was so fun because I love to plan things and love to design and create spaces. Once we found our venue, No Vacancy, everything fell really easily into place because the hotel is so gorgeously decorated. I had my wedding outfit custom made, wore Bryr clogs, and wanted to feel the most like myself. Every planning detail was rooted in that – feeling like myself and staying present with my partner the entire day.
What are some of the ways you made you and your partner's big day feel extra special?
We made sure to weave bits and pieces of our personality in every aspect of the day. We were not interested in having a "cookie cutter" wedding. We integrated things that honored us such as walking down the aisle together as a couple, playing rock paper scissors to see who read their vows first, and having a dinner party instead of a traditional reception. We had pasta as our wedding night meal because my partner proposed to me by putting my ring in a pot of pasta water for me to find when I drained it out. We had "sleepover vibes" by having our friends staying at the same hotel as well, which meant we played charades and eating snacks with all our guests the night after our wedding. It was all perfect.
Do you have any advice for future brides? 
Remember that you are not responsible for how other people react to your decisions. If you do something that disappoints someone else or doesn't align with someone else's expectations, that's a them problem. Not a you problem! Your day should be built so you and your partner can be present with each other. Sure, it's also a time to celebrate with your community and support group, but they should want to be present for what feels most self-honoring for you and your partner.
Did you go the DIY route or have some help? 
We did a little bit of both! I had a vision but knew I would not be able to bring it to fruition on my own. I thrifted my own plates and glassware for the tablescape, but our wedding planner, Emily Aitken, brought my vision to life with flowers, linens, and design. I also hired a photographer that was not only an extremely talented artist, but a close friend as well. Maggie Grace captured our day in ways that I will cherish forever and was incredible support throughout the day. We had such a small wedding so there wasn't a lot of stress, but I owe that all to our small wedding team for making it all happen. It would not have been the day it was without them.
Describe your wedding style. 
The words that grounded me in my style was vintage, chic, and eclectic.
We are both from St. Louis. Can you share with us a bit about what you love about your hometown? 
I'm actually from Kansas City, but live in St. Louis now! I love the Midwest so much. I so often get asked about what I see in the Midwest because others don't see the charm in the same way I do. For example, in St. Louis specifically, I love the diversity of the city and how close-knit the community feels. It has a smaller town feel in a way I love. I also adore St. Louis architecture and homes (shout out to the Second Empire and Tudor Revival styles that are to die for). The old brick of the city makes me feel like I am surrounded by so much history – which is how I feel about the Midwest overall. St. Louis is such a hidden gem and, while I know it comes with its own set of quirks and issues, I feel excited about the ways community members are working to make St. Louis a nourshing place to live.
What books have you read recently?
The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker and Girls Can Kiss Now by Jill Gutowitz, these books are some of my all-time faves now!
What advice would you give you at 20 if you could? 
Operating out of fear will not bring you closer to people. Leaning into connection and truth is how community and relationships are built.
What are your favourite Bryr clogs? I love my Worker Slide in Kelp! They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own, and the color pairs perfectly with my neutral-toned closet.
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Maya in fennel  Miranda in bone
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Sam is wearing a custom wedding romper by Everybody
Sam's wedding photo credits to Maggie Grace Photography