Your name: Jen Griswold
Your pronouns: she/her
What you do: Mom, Psychotherapist, Content Creator
Where you live: Central Coast California
You create such beautiful photographs for your social media. Can you tell me a little about what inspires your photos and your aesthetic? I love garments/outfits that feel effortless so I hope my imagery and aesthetic reflects that!
You're a mother of twins, a psychotherapist and a content creator! How do you have time to balance all those interests? Balance is the key word! Some days everything gets done, and some days I just scratch the surface of what needs to get done. It's about giving myself grace and accepting that I will never be caught up with the laundry.
How has being a mum of twins changed your style (if it has at all). I don't think it's changed my style at all but I do now have two teenagers who give me very honest feedback about what I'm wearing!
Do you have any fun projects coming up this fall? Care to share? I may or may not have a fun project coming up with another Bryr loving content creator this fall but that's all I'll say!
What are your favorite Bryr clogs and why? I love the Chonk. Comfortable and adds that touch of "cool" to every single outfit!
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