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Each $5.00 donation gives you a chance to win:

  • One pair of made-to-order clogs of your choosing!!!

Donate as much as you like! More $5 donations = more chances to win! The chance to donate closes at midnight PST on Sunday, November 29th. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, November 30th. 100% of the proceeds will be split evenly between DIGDEEP Navajo Water Project, Amah Mutsun Land Trust, and Black Farmer Fund. (See more about these organizations below.)

This Thanksgiving, we are honored to be joining Reclaim Collaborative and a cohort of small businesses participating in the Redistribution Pledge as part of #ReclaimBlackFriday. In addition to this community fundraising campaign, we are also redistributing 10% of our total sales from November 26th to 29th to the organizations linked above. We are not a leader in this work, and for us, this work has started with self-education and listening. We hope you will join us, wherever you are in your journey. Thank you so much for supporting and amplifying the work and voices of Indigenous and Black leaders!

One pair of made-to-order clogs of your choice—which you can order right after you win from our current collection or down the road!!!

WHAT IS #RECLAIMBLACKFRIDAY AND THE REDISTRIBUTION PLEDGE?#ReclaimBlackFriday is a call to action for redistributing wealth to those who have suffered the most because of historic and continual exploitation in America. Instead of offering sales or markdowns this Thanksgiving, we will be redistributing 10% of our total sales from November 26th to 29th to

DIGDEEP Navajo Water ProjectAmah Mutsun Land Trust, and Black Farmer Fund, in addition to donating 100% of the proceeds from this community fundraiser.

More than 40% of Navajo families don’t have clean, running water, right here in the United States. DIGDEEP is working across the Navajo Nation, where families living below the poverty line are forced to buy expensive bottled water or haul dirty water from ponds and livestock throughs up to 50 miles away. They're developing new water sources, outfitting delivery trucks, and installing hot and cold running water in homes - making people happier, healthier and more equal. Because no American should struggle to live without clean, running water.


The Amah Mutsun Land Trust (AMLT), an initiative of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, is the vehicle by which the Amah Mutsun access, protect, and steward lands that are integral to their identity and culture. The AMLT returns its tribe to their ancestral lands and restores their role as environmental stewards. Due to their difficult history and generations of physical, mental, and political abuses, their land stewardship practices were disrupted, and much of their culture was lost. AMLT serves not only in the re-learning of their history and restoration of indigenous management practices, it also serves as a vehicle for healing. By restoring their traditional ecological knowledge and revitalizing their relationship to Mother Earth, they also restore balance and harmony to the lands of their ancestors.

The mission of Black Farmer Fund is to create a thriving, resilient, and equitable food system by investing in black food systems entrepreneurs and communities in New York. The Black Farmer Fund also serves as a bridge for black communities to participate in creating a food system that benefits those within and outside of black communities. They are defining wealth beyond financial and intellectual capital to include social capital and ancestral wisdom, to mitigate against climate change, exercise governance, strengthen solidarity, and preserve cultural and ancestral ways of being.

More About The Giveaway
If I make multiple $5.00 donations, is that more chances to win the grand prize?
Yes!! For example, if you buy 5 for $25.00, that’s 5 donations and  5 chances to win the clogs (and more money going towards a great cause!).

Which clogs could I win?
Any clogs from our current (or future!) collections!! You can order them right away, or we’ll issue you a gift card code that doesn’t expire for purchase later on down the road.

More About #ReclaimBlackFriday and The Redistribution Pledge
How much of the funds raised through this campaign will go to DIGDEEP Navajo Water ProjectAmah Mutsun Land Trust, and Black Farmer Fund?
100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser giveaway will be split evenly between the three organizations.

How else can I help?
You can amplify this campaign with us by:
1. Directly supporting Indigenous or Black land-based organizations.
2. Purchasing products from businesses that are taking the Redistribution Pledge (linked on this page), as well as from Black and Indigenous businesses and creators.
3. Listening to and sharing this podcast or watching Instagram lives hosted by @ReclaimCollaborative on deconstructing America’s history and future.
4. Sharing content created by Indigenous and Black leaders to raise awareness on the problematic history of Thanksgiving and ways to consider redistribution during these holidays and beyond.

Why is Bryr participating in this campaign?
As a business that has benefitted from intersectional privilege, we decided to participate in this campaign because we believe it is important to acknowledge our privilege and to hold space for healing and positive change in our community. Thanksgiving has traditionally been a time for coming together with friends and loved ones to celebrate gratitude. We believe it can also be a time to acknowledge the history of trauma in our country and to help heal our communities.

We believe it is important to honor the original stewards of the land on which our business operates, and address the heavy toll that capitalism has taken, especially on Indigenous and Black communities. We want to encourage you, our community, to support initiatives driven by communities whose ancestors had their lands stolen from them and who were stolen from their lands.

If you have any other questions regarding the giveaway, feel free to email us at If you have any other questions regarding the Redistribution Pledge, please visit the Reclaim Collaborative website.

Thank you SO much for being here and for your support, whether that’s in the form of donations or spreading the word!!! It all helps

amplify the work and voices of Indigenous and Black leaders.

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