Bridal Party Weekend

--The Bridal Party Weekend--

We are so excited to celebrate all things nuptial with you! Whether you are getting married, you're the maid of honor, the mother of the bride, or you've got a summer of weddings lined up- we got you!!! 
We are celebrating with a week full of fun. 
Bridal Party Clogs & Cocktails Evening
Thursday, March 30th from 4-7pm
Shop our gorgeous collection of Bridal clogs while sipping a cocktail and nibbling on cake. Meet our collaborators and get inspired (see below)
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Tickets are $10 and 100% of proceeds from ticket sales goes to
Bridal Party Weekend 
Friday, March 31- Sunday, April 2nd
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In collaboration with:

Special Thank you to the Real Bryr Brides for sharing images with us for this event. 

Isabella Knori  

Photographer: Matt Viveiros

Kieu Tran 

Photographer Diana Rothery 

Sam Slupski 

Photographer: Maggie Grace Photography