We just love seeing how Allison from @thethoughtfulcloset styles her Bryr clogs!

Your name: Allison Karaba 

Where you live: Dexter, MI

What you do: my husband calls me the CEO of our family. I’m currently a stay at home mom & content creator with a passion for style/design, knitting and gardening.

Your instagram/website: @thethoughtfulcloset

Isobel: We've been really inspired by your daily outfit posts on social. How would you describe your style?

Allison: Definitely eclectic. My style tends to eb and flow based on my mood. One day I’ll be in a dress and sneakers the next day sweats and clogs. One thing that has always been consistent is that I love contrast. Whether it’s textures, color or mixing and matching styles in one look, I love unexpected combinations. 

 Isobel: What does a thoughtful closet mean to you?

Allison: This has evolved for me over the years. I used to operate with a capsule wardrobe tied around a color scheme. I quickly realized that I needed more flexibility with my style. My clothes are a creative outlet for me and with my capsule, I’d find myself getting bored or hating what was in my closet which was the exact opposite of what I was trying to achieve. Today a thoughtful closet means making intentional purchases that are both a need and a want and being ok with that need or want changing in the future. It’s continuing to shop with small brands or second hand and giving myself some grace if what I decide to purchase doesn’t end up working out for me.

Isobel: Last year we created reBRYR, which is a community resale platform. I know you're really passionate about thrifting and second hand. Can you tell us a bit about why?

Allison : I really enjoy shopping second hand for a variety of reasons. First, I feel like I’m being a more responsible consumer if I scour a resale site for something I want just in case it’s already out there. Second, it can make items that may have not been accessible for some more obtainable via a lower price. Finally, I really love curating my clothes so hunting down a piece that I’m excited about and have been waiting for is something I truly enjoy. 

Isobel: Has your style changed since you had kids, and how?

Allison: Yes and no. When I had my first baby boy I had also just moved across the country from Portland, OR to Michigan so it was a big overhaul in the lifestyle department. Everything changes when you have your first kid so it’s natural for that to spill into your clothes. I have always thought that it’s important to wear things you love and I clung to this philosophy even more after having kids. Sometimes I’m playing on the ground in a summer dress and other days I’m living in the coziest sweatpants. All feel like me and I think that’s what’s important. The only thing that really changed due to kids is that all pants and ideally dresses must have pockets now. I can’t live without pockets. 

Isobel: What Bryr clogs do you have and which is your favorite? 

Allison: I have the Worker Clog in Natural, Zoe Platform in Marigold, Chonks in Kelp & the new Chonk Slides in Fennel! For everyday wear I’d have to give it to my Zoe platforms. I know they’ll go with everything but if I want a statement shoe that is super comfortable, I’d say the Chonk. If someone asked me which style they should go with for their first Bryr purchase those would be my recommendations!