My name is Isobel. In May of 2012, I quit my corporate job as a design director at a major US retailer and went in search of something more. I chronicled my journey on my blog, The Creative Sabbatical. I'd always had an itch to make shoes, and so I decided to follow that dream.

Becoming a shoe maker has been an adventure, leading me to so many incredible people and places, like the mountains of Southern Spain where they've been making shoes since the crusades or the high-desert school school where I learned how to last my own bespoke brogues.

I chose the name Bryr because it means to care in Swedish.  I believe whole-heartedly in the intrinsic value of well-made things. I believe it's about time that we treated the things we wore with as much thought as the things we eat- that they are made with fair practices, that the makers are treated with respect, that they are made to last and that they use sustainable materials. I want to make clogs that in 20 years, your daughter will pull out of the closet and want to wear because they are timeless, beautiful and well made.

I've been lucky enough to meet some really amazing ladies during this process. And they just happen to also love clogs as well! This spring I started a blog dedicated to interviewing these incredible people. Some of them are politicians, some mums, many of them are artists and designers, and all of them are beautiful, inspiring and strong. They are real people who inspire me to design.

This is not a glossy company with 100 employees and a marketing department trying to seem 'authentic'. This is the real deal.

Welcome to the journey. 


Photographer: Ryan Theisen
Make up: Sarah Graalman
All rights reserved to bryrstudio.com