Why Clogs?

Good question! 

It might seem like everyone you know is wearing clogs these days- from your hair stylist, to your doctor, to that stylish friend at your kids school, to your server at your favorite restaurant. It seems like everyone's on the clog train. And one thing you might be noticing is that all these super stylish, rad women spend a lot of time on their feet. 

So, why do people swear by clogs... and espeically OUR clogs. Well, I'm so glad you asked :) 

It might seem counter-intuative that a hard wood sole would feel more comfortable in the long run than a soft and flexible shoe. But it turns out that a well-designed rigid sole is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Let me explain.

You see, our feet didn't evolve to spend their whole day balancing on squishy- and unstable- surface. Think about what it feels like to walk across sand for more than five minutes. Your feet, tendons and ligaments get exhausted. Now times that by 100 and that's what you are doing to your feet walking around all day in soft trainers. You're making them work harder than they should!

What your feet want and need is a stable foundation to support the rest of your body weight. Your feet are working so hard, and you can help them out. They need an ergonomically designed rigid footbed that cradles your foot- so the foot can rest and your legs can do the work. Lucky for you, that's exactly what every style of our clogs does. To be honest, we are a bit BANANAS about designing the perfect clog- and we take your comfort and support very seriously. We design our clogs from the ground up to feel as beautiful as they look. It all starts with our solid-wood, hand-crafted foodbed, that we engineered from the ground up to be super supportive and beautiful- To cradle your arch, and give you a rock in your step that's just right. 

So whether you're standing all day at work, or walking down the aisle, our clogs are going to support you every step of the way.  We got you!