SS-Suzie Closed Toe, Mid Heel-Size 9

Sold Out

Thank you for shopping our Online Sample Sale! We are open and our operations have shifted slightly given the current three-week San Francisco shelter-in-place mandate. While your clogs may take a little longer to ship, we can't wait to send them to you! Thank you for trusting us to ship your clogs just as soon as we can. Read more about our current operations here.

The pair you receive may not be the exact pair photographed here. ALL SALES ON DISCOUNTED SAMPLE SALE CLOGS ARE FINAL. NO EXCEPTIONS.

$240 - 10% off
These clogs are from our perfect in-stock inventory and on sale for this online sample sale only! All sales are final.

$215, 20% off
20% off clogs are nearly perfect clogs from our inventory. All sales are final.

$190, 30% off
30% off clogs have very small cosmetic defects. Also included in green tags are seconds, shop samples and clogs that are sun faded, oxidized, have mild to medium wrinkling or small production errors. Prototypes are also 30% off! All sales are final.

$160, 40% off
40% off clogs have more significant cosmetic issues such as severe wrinkling, significant fading or oxidization, double staples or visible scratches and scuffs. All sales are final.

$120, 50% off
50% off clogs are our worker clog prototypes! Some may have minor cosmetic defects such as slight scratches or scuffs. A few of these clogs are made with our natural leather which will age and patina with time.

$110, 60% off
60% off clogs have the most significant cosmetic defects, but they are still structurally intact and one-of-a-kind! These clogs may have mismatched bases, larger production errors or staples through the bottom of a base. Also included are clogs with more severe wrinkling. All sales are final.

$85, 70% off
70% off clogs have been gently worn! Proceeds from gently worn clogs will benefit the San Francisco Community. All sales are final.

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