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Sample Sale FAQ

It's Sample Sale Time!

While we wish we could host you in-person this year, we're making the best of it and hosting our 7th Sample Sale online!!! The sale will kick off here on our website on Friday, December 10th at 9:30am PST. We have over 500 clogs that will be discounted 10–70% off. Yes, you read that right: 500+ clogs! Just like our in-person sale, we want you to be able to go straight to your size, so they will load on our website on different pages by size.

Here is the link to the sample sale. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


We want you to find clogs that fit well and feel great on, and getting your right size is a big part of that!  Our sizes are TRUE US sizes. So, for example, if you regularly wear a US 6, then you would be a Bryr 6.  If you're not sure what size you are, we recommend reading our fit guide, here. We're also happy to help via email at and DMs on our Instagram.


When and where is the sale?

The Online Sample Sale is this Friday, December 10th, at 9:30 am PST, here on our website. The pages will automatically load at exactly 9:30am. 

What exactly is a sample sale?

The Bryr Sample Sale is an event where you get deep discounts on like-new inventory, shop samples, prototypes and seconds. It's great. Having these sales allows our team to maintain our high level of quality as well as reducing waste throughout production.

What is the price discount?

10% off: Perfect clogs, included here at a discounted rate!

25% off: Almost perfect. Only tiny imperfections that include, but are not limited to, small scuffs or scratches. No imperfections affect the wearability or sizing of the clogs. 

35% off: Little imperfections. Includes, but is not limited to, smaller wrinkles and noticeable scuffs and scratches. No imperfections affect the wearability or sizing of the clogs. 

45% off: Visible imperfections. Includes, but is not limited to, big wrinkles, stretch marks, and general wackiness. No imperfections affect the wearability or sizing of the clogs. 

70% off: Gently worn, with 100% of proceeds donated to our fundraiser. No imperfections affect the wearability or sizing of the clogs. 

Are the sample sale clogs returnable?

No, all discounted purchases are FINAL SALE. No exceptions.

How do you price each pair?

We have reviewed every pair of clogs in detail, and put them into one of 5 categories to set their discount rate. You can see what rate the above clogs are in above. Please note that clogs are set to these categories, and we cannot adjust or negotiate those categories. 

Is every pair photographed?

No. We have only photographed the clogs in the 45% off discount category. The rest of the clogs are so close to the original that we did not photograph them. 

Will every size be available?

Yes, we do have clogs available in every size, from US 4–13! 

How many clogs in my size will you have?

We will not be releasing information on sizing and style availability, but we have a lot of clogs! Rest assured, we have samples in each and every size, but some will sell out more quickly than others as is a natural part of these events.

Will there be an in-store sample sale?

No, we are not open to the public.



How to prepare.

We recommend getting up early, making some coffee, going somewhere quiet (have your partner distract the kiddos, and get online at exactly 9:30 am. In the past, our sample sale has been close to sell out within the first 45 minutes of launch.) 

For those of you wanting extra credit, we recommend loading the URL for your size in your browser, and refreshing at exactly 9:30am. 

Eek! I don't see any items in this collection.

The clogs will load onto each size's page (linked above) on Friday, December 10th, at 9:30am PST!!! There are A LOT of clogs to load, and the speed of this depends on your internet connection. Try refreshing the page if you don't see anything right away. Thank you for your patience!

Once an item is in my cart, is it 'mine'?

Not yet! The way our checkout works, it's not yours until the payment has gone through.

Will I be able to order from other collections on Friday?

Yes! We will also have our current made-to-order collection on the website! Sign up for our mailing list here. You'll receive something very special that you won't want to miss! 

How will I know I'm ordering from the Sample Sale and not a different collection?

Each sample sale clog on the website will say "SS" in the product title.

How long will the sample sale clogs be available?

The sample sale closes at Midnight on Sunday, Dec 19th, or when we sell out.

How fast do they sell?

Fast. Real fast.

May I use a gift card?

You bet you can! Please type in your gift card code at checkout.

Can I get custom heel pads on the sample sale clogs?

No. Sample Sale clogs are already made and have Bryr heel pads already attached.

Can you hold a pair for me to purchase later?

No, we are not able to hold any pairs.


Lead Time & Exchange Policy

When will the clogs ship?

All sample sale clogs will ship within 10 business days. We cannot guarantee a Christmas delivery. 

I live locally and I purchased sample sale clogs. May I pick up?

We are not offering in-person pickups. Thanks for your understanding.

What is the exchange policy?

We do not offer exchanges or refunds on discounted or sale clogs.

If I find I got the wrong size/style/color at the sample sale, may I exchange?

Nope! All sales are final. We do our best to show any imperfections on the clogs with photos, but given the nature of doing this online, it is impossible to show you exactly how the clogs will look when you get them in your hands. It is also difficult to show color exactly as it looks in person! We hope the discounts and offering this to you online feels worth it once you get them home :) If you feel that you received something extremely different than what you saw online, please email us and we'll take care of you!

I ordered a different pair of clogs that haven’t shipped yet. What does this sale mean for my order?

Don’t worry! Your clogs are in our production queue and will ship out within your estimated ship window! This launch will not affect your existing order. Email us if you have any questions:


Game time plays: 

We recommend logging out of slack, telling your boss your going for a dentist appointment, locking the bedroom door, and asking your partner take your kids out of the house before the launch of sample sale so you can get ready for game-time. We're joking. Or are we? :)

Save the link to the collection with your size and set your alarm!

The clogs will go live on each size page (linked at the top of this page) on Friday, December 11th, at 9:30am PST. That’s 12:30 pm EDT. 

Refresh the page if you aren’t seeing everything at 9:30 am PST

There are a lot of clogs that have to load online! This is dependent on your internet connection and the browser you use. If you aren’t seeing the clogs at 9:30 am PST, refresh your page! Thank you for your patience.

Stay in touch this week!

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