Isobel's 3 Favorite looks


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My style mantra is keep it simple and wear what you love. Below, I've shared some of my favorite ways you've styled our clogs on instagram: with denim, with linen, and with a onesie.




Denim love

If you know me, you know that I'm usually in jeans. In San Francisco, denim is basically the city's unofficial uniform (as well as the best thing to keep you warm on one of our foggy night!) I love nothing better than a vintage Levis 511, a good t-shirt and my favorite pair of BRYR clogs. You can find a pair at local vintage store called St. Lightning, or the perfect new/old jean from Chimala.


Linen love

We have a joke in studio that we all dress like 1980's art-school teachers. This might have something to do with our love of linen tunics:) I love that you can dress them up, or dress them down, depending on the occasion. Some of my favorites companies to shop from are from Black Crane,  Fog Linen Works and Elizabeth Suzann.


Jumpsuit love

There is nothing easier in the summer than a onesie, especially if you dress up with a pair of clogs. I love the add of texture and pattern from the textiles. Some of my favorites are from Ace and Jig, Hackwith Design and Esby.


I hope you've found a little inspiration here, to help you find your own style ;)

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