Holiday Gifting FAQ

We are so happy you are planning to gift Bryr clogs this holiday season. We put together a few tips and info to help you.


What is the Holiday Guaranteed delivery deadline?

Our holiday deadline is Midnight on Sunday, November 3rd. We guarantee that all domestic orders placed on or before this time will ship on or before December 20th. 

Your promised turn around is 30-45 days, so why is the deadline so early?

We are committed to delivering every single pair of Holiday clogs. Because we have no way to control the number of orders we receive, we like to play it on the safe side. Hence, we've given ourselves a nice big window so we can be sure to make everyone happy!

How will the clogs ship?

All US orders will leave Bryr on or before December 20th. All orders will be shipped via USPS. Bryr is not responsible for any issues in shipping once they leave our hands.

My friend/partner/aunt/next door neighbor/co-worker loves Bryr clogs. What should I get them?

We strongly suggest gifting a Bryr gift card, rather than actual clogs. Unless you know EXACTLY what they want, we think this is the safest route to making them happy! You can shop gift cards online here or come in to pick up a physical card.

What dollar amounts can I order gift cards in?

Online you can order these amounts: $25, $50, $150, $200, $300

In person you can order any custom amount. 

Can I ship to a different address than my own?

Yes! Just add your ship to address.

How do I know what size to get?

Check out our sizing info here

Do you gift wrap?

We do not currently gift wrap.

Can you include a gift receipt?

Yes, if you would like a gift receipt, just add this in the notes section of your order.  

What is your exchange/return policy?

Our exchange policy for gifts is the same as our regular return policy. However, over the holidays we extend the return window, so the gift-receiver is able to exchange after the holidays. 

Will I get a notification when they ship?

Yes, we send out an auto notification when orders ship.  

Help, my clogs are lost in transit. What should I do?

Please contact USPS and use the tracking number to track your order.

More questions? We are happy to help!!! Please email us at

Please note our customer service team works Wednesday thru Sunday.