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FAQ - Instant Gratification

Here are some more details about Instant Gratification and some tips on how to shop; please read through to get your questions answered!

When and where does Instant Gratification take place?

Instant Gratification goes live on Friday, June 10th at 9:00 AM PT right here on our website. Click your size above to shop all the clogs in that size!

What exactly is Instant Gratification?

Instant Gratification is our way of offering you readymade clogs from our inventory that are 100% perfect and ship right away! These clogs are full price and have passed our quality control. 

Will there be an in-store Instant Gratification?

No, we are not open to the public in our retail shop. Thank you for understanding!

Are the clogs on sale?

No, Instant Gratification clogs are all perfect and not sold at a discount.

How do I know I am ordering from Instant Gratification and not made-to-order?

On each Instant Gratification clog page, it will say that the clog is part of the Instant Gratification event and will ship within 7–10 business days.

I already have an order with you for made-to-order clogs. What does Instant Grat mean for my existing order?

Nothing! Instant Gratification does not disrupt our made-to-order queue and is separate. We're still making your clogs! :) 

I live locally and I purchased Instant Gratification clogs. May I pick up?

We are not offering in-person pickups. Thank you for understanding!

How fast do they sell?

Our Instant Gratification usually sells out quickly, so we recommend logging on at exactly 9:00am if you want the best picks.

Once an item is in my cart, is it 'mine'?

Not yet! The way our checkout works, it's not yours until the payment has gone through.

When will the clogs ship?

All Instant Gratification orders will ship within 7–10 business days. 

I clicked the link for my size and everything sold out? What gives? 

We can't say for sure how quickly the clogs will sell out, if at all, but they do tend to go quickly. We recommend visiting our site at 9:00am for the best shot at finding your perfect pair! 

Is every size available?

We have every size available from US size 4 to size 13!

How many clogs in my size will you have?

We will not be releasing information on sizing and style availability, but we have a lot of clogs! Of course, some sizes will sell out more quickly than others as is a natural part of these events.

What if I don't know my size?

Check out our fit guide here. If you still have questions, email us at We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the exchange policy?

Our regular exchange policy applies to all orders. *Please note, some colors included will be our final clogs in that color. As such, you may not be able to exchange into the same color leather.

Can you hold a pair for me to purchase later?

No, we are not able to hold any pairs.

When does it end?

The event ends on Sunday, June 12th at 11:59pm PT, or when we sell out.

Can I get custom heel pads on Instant Gratification clogs?

As these clogs are ready to ship, they are already complete, which means they already have a heel pad. These heel pads cannot be customized. Custom heel pads are only available on made-to-order clogs.

Tips for Shopping

These are by no means necessary nor will they guarantee your purchase, but we hope they'll help you find your perfect pair!

Save the link to your size (above) and set your alarm!

The clogs will go live Friday, June 10th, at 9:00 am PT. That’s 12:00pm ET. 

“Show up” at 9:00 am SHARP

Instant Gratification clogs tend to go fast, and we want you to have the best opportunity possible to snag a pair! 

Refresh the page if you aren’t seeing everything at 9:00am

Loading times vary depending on your internet connection and web browser of choice, so if you aren’t seeing the clogs at 9:00 am PT, refresh your page!

Set up a way to auto-fill your payment and shipping information at checkout

Simply putting clogs in the cart on our website does not save or hold them. They are not yours until you have completed the purchase by submitting payment! Holding clogs in the cart is not currently a feature available on the platform we use for our website, and it honestly makes things more fair! We have limited quantities of our Instant Gratification clogs, and people often add clogs to their carts that they never purchase. If those were held, they would be unavailable to other folks—namely you!! 

That said, we hear you and we know it can feel discouraging when you get something in your cart that goes away before you can complete payment. Saving your credit card information to your computer so that it autofills at checkout is a great way to efficiently submit payment! There are tons of services to use out there to save your info to your computer or phone—Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, we’re not here to judge! The point is, pick whichever works best for you, save your info to your computer or phone, and use it to your advantage for a faster checkout process.

Familiarize yourself with our exchange policy and our blog

We always recommend reading our exchange policy before purchasing. These clogs will be eligible for exchange.

Stay in touch this week!

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