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Current Collection + Metallics Capsule: FAQs and Shopping Tips

Current Collection + Metallics Capsule: FAQ & Shopping Tops

Our current colors and new Metallics are available in all our current styles, including the new lace up Zoe! 
In Fall of 2020, we decided to change the way we take orders, which affects the way you navigate and place orders on our website. As always, our goal is to deliver to you the pair of clogs you love on time! We are limiting the number of orders to the quantity we estimate we can deliver by the end of each month. We are now taking orders for March delivery!!! All new orders placed from our current collection or Metallics Capsule will be slotted for a March delivery. 

Please read through to get your questions answered. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please email us at the email address at the bottom of the page.

Tell me more about this limited ordering thing.

Why are you only offering a limited quantity?

Our goal is always to deliver your clogs in the window that you’re happy with! We are experimenting with an order cap in order to control how many clogs we ‘take on’ each month. With Covid, we have found that we have a big surge in orders during launches, which can cause delivery delays to you. We hope that this new way of doing things will make our customers (you guys!!) happy with your purchase! We invite your feedback!

What if you sell out of January delivery “slots”? Can I still order?

Yes! Once we hit our limit, we will re-adjust and open up delivery slots for later months. Yay!

More details on how to order.

How do I order from the Current Collection?

On Friday, November 13th at 9:30am PST, eight products will load in this collection with new January slots. They are our 8 clog types: Mid Heel Sandal, High Heel Sandal, Mid Heel Closed Toe Clog, High Heel Closed Toe Clog, Platform Sandal, Zoe Platform, Stack Sandal, and Zoe Stack.

  1. Click the type of clog you’d like.
  2. Add it to your cart.
  3. This is a very important step! At checkout, include which specific style, color, and size you’d like in the special notes field. This will be in your cart *UNDER* the Check Out buttons!!
  4. Pay as usual.

You'll be able to shop from the current collection on Friday, November 13th, at 9:30am PST!!!

Will I be able to order from other collections on Friday?

Yes! We also have Instant Gratification and our Metallics Capsule launching on Friday at 9:30am PST!!!

How do I order from the Metallics Capsule?

On Friday, November 13th at 9:30am PST, four products will load in this collection with new January slots. They are the 4 metallic colors: Copper, Champagne, White Gold, and Rose Gold.

  1. Click the Metallic that you’d like.
  2. Add it to your cart.
  3. This is a very important step! At checkout, include which specific style, heel height, and size you’d like in the special notes field. This will be in your cart *UNDER* the Check Out buttons!!
  4. Pay as usual.

You'll be able to shop from the Metallics Capsule on Friday, November 13th, at 9:30am PST!!!

Details about what’s in the Current Collection & Metallics Capsule

What styles are available in the current line and Metallics Capsule?

We are offering all of our usual styles plus one new closed-toe platform style, Zoe, and we’re bringing back the Margot sandal! 

The full list includes Chloe, Clementine, Suzie Closed, Suzie Spanish, Miranda peep, Miranda sandal, Miranda SpanishEmma closed toe, Emma cross toe, Emma T-StrapMargot, Emma Spanish, Rachel Sandal, Millie, Camilla, Sofie Bootie, Zoe, Jesse, Ursi, Stella, and Norma. We’ve created new gallery pages for each of these styles, so you can see them in more colors and on more people. Click the pages linked above to see each style in action!

What colors are the current styles available in?

Our newest colors are Spruce, and a return of Black leather! The full list of colors available in the fall line includes Agave, Bone, Clay, Coal, Fennel, Ink, Pebble, Spruce, Black leather, Whiskey leather, and the Stack (Black leather with the black platform base). We’ve created galleries of each color, so you can explore by color. All of the fall styles listed above are available in these colors! Click the pages linked above to see each color in action!

You may also order all our current styles in Metallics - Copper, Champagne, White Gold, and Rose Gold - starting this Friday!!!

Are the newest colors leather or nubuck? 

Black leather is full-grain, 100% veg tanned leathers with a glossy texture on top. The Spruce is nubuck!

Is there an option to get the Zoe without a kilt?

The kilt is removable, but if you wouldn’t like the kilts at all, please make a note in the special notes section of your order!

Help, what size am I???

Our clogs run true to your US whole size. If you’re a half size, size up in our mid heel or platform bases, and size down in our high heel. You can see more on our fit guide here.

What sizes are available in the fall collection?

Platforms, including the new Zoe: US sizes 4–13
High Heel clogs: US sizes 4–11
Mid Heel clogs: US sizes 5–13

How does Zoe fit?

Zoe is adjustable! You can tighten or loosen the laces as much as you need, which makes it a great option for folks with a narrow, wide, or medium foot! We recommend ordering based off of your US size. If you are a half size, size up. You may read more on our fit guide here.

How high is the Zoe platform base?

Approximately 2"!

How wide is the platform base? Compared with the other bases?

All our clogs are designed to fit snug on the foot and hold you comfortably in place. But the footprint of the platform is wider and more of an ‘easy’ fit.

Do the platforms feel heavy to wear?

No, they feel great! Even though they do weigh more than our high heel clog, they feel great on.

Are the platforms comfortable to walk in?

Yes!!! We spent over a year fine-tuning the design of the base to make sure they are super comfortable to walk (or dance!) in. They have a special ‘rock’ that allows you to feel really comfortable in them.

Is every size available in the platform?

Yes! We have every size available, from US size 4 to size 13. 

What if I still don't know my size?

Check out our fit guide here. If you still have questions, email us at or leave us a message at (415) 374-7323 and our customer service team will give you a call.

How to shop the Current Collection & Metallics Capsule

When can I shop the current collection?

The Current Collection and Metallics Capsule will be have new availability for January delivery slots on our website at 9:30 am PST on Friday, November 13th.

Eek! I don't see any items in this collection or they say sold out already.

The clogs will load in the current collection and metallics capsule on Friday, November 13th, at 9:30am PST!!!

Once an item is in my cart, is it 'mine'?

Not yet! The way our checkout works, it's not yours until the payment has gone through.

How long will the Metallics Capsule be available?

We can’t say for sure! It depends on how quickly it sells out! As this is a capsule collection, we only have limited quantities, and once they're gone, they're gone!

How long will the current collection be available?

We can’t say for sure! It depends on how many “slots” are purchased for a January delivery and if/when we open up the delivery for March—and if/when that sells out as well! We’ll keep you updated :)

Can I get custom heel pads on the current collection or metallic capsule clogs?

Yes! Click here to add them to your cart. Please add the text to the special notes section during checkout.

Lead Time & Exchanges

When will the clogs ship?

As always, our goal is to deliver to you the pair of clogs you love on time! All orders placed during this new launch will be slotted for a January delivery. Your order will clearly state which delivery window you have purchased into. 

I live locally and I purchased Platform clogs. May I pick up?

Due to health and safety concerns, we are not offering in-person pickups. Thanks for your understanding.

What is the exchange policy?

Our regular exchange policy applies to all fall collection orders.

I ordered a different pair of clogs that haven’t shipped yet. What does this launch mean for my order?

Don’t worry! Your clogs are in our production queue and will ship out within your estimated ship window! This launch will not affect your existing order. Email us if you have any questions:


Bonus Tips for Shopping

These are by no means necessary nor will they guarantee your purchase, but we hope they'll help you find your perfect pair!

Save the link to the collection and set your alarm!

The clogs available for a November delivery will go live here on Friday, October 23rd at 9:30 am PDT. That’s 12:30 pm EDT. 

Refresh the page if you aren’t seeing everything at 9:30 am PDT

Sometimes technology fails us, so if you aren’t seeing the clogs at 9:30 am PDT, refresh your page!

Set up a way to auto-fill your payment and shipping information at checkout

Simply putting clogs in the cart on our website does not save or hold them. They are not yours until you have completed the purchase by submitting payment! Holding clogs in the cart is not currently a feature available on the platform we use for our website, and it honestly makes things more fair! We have limited quantities of our clogs available for a November delivery, and people often add clogs to their carts that they never purchase. If those were held, they would be unavailable to other folks—namely you!! 

That said, we hear you and we know it can feel discouraging when you get something in your cart that goes away before you can complete payment. Saving your credit card information to your computer so that it autofills at checkout is a great way to efficiently submit payment! There are tons of services to use out there to save your info to your computer or phone—Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, we’re not here to judge! The point is, pick your poison, save your info to your computer or phone, and use it to your advantage for a faster checkout process.

Have the text for your preferred color copied and ready to go

Because our production capacity is limited, ordering from this collection will be a little different. There will be 8 products total in the collection: Mid Heel Sandal, High Heel Sandal, Mid Heel Closed Toe Clog, High Heel Closed Toe Clog, Platform Sandal, Platform Zoe, Stack Sandal, and Stack Zoe. After you click into the style type you'd like to purchase, you'll then add it to the cart and write which color, style, and size you would like in the special instructions section of your order. (See the colors, sizes & styles available listed above.) If you are on a desktop, the special instructions section is right below the image of the clog you are ordering. If you are on mobile, it’s below the check out button.

As stated above, when you add clogs to the cart on our website, it does not save or hold them until you have submitted payment. To efficiently check out, it helps to have the text copied (i.e. your color, size, and style) so you can simply paste it in the special instructions box—unless you’re a super fast typer :)

Familiarize yourself with our exchange policy

We always recommend reading our exchange policy before purchasing. These clogs will be eligible for exchange.

Stay in touch this week!

We’ll be sharing more on Instagram and via our newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. 

Still have questions? Email us at or leave us a voicemail at 415-374-7323. Our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.