Knotted Jayne- BRYR + Windy Chien



I collaborated with Bay Area artist, Windy Chien on this nod to 70's organic minimal design. Our Jayne clog, with hand-made knot. Each knot is made by hand by Windy, and attached to the Jayne clog. We only offer this style in Veg tan with natural knot.

Price is $258 for clog + $90 for knots = $348

Read more about this collaboration here


ALL our clogs are MADE-TO-ORDER and take approximately 30 days from your order date. Due to the small-scale nature of our production, we cannot guarantee exact delivery date. If we experience long delays, we will reach out to you with an updated delivery schedule. Please review our return policy before placing your order. Your credit card will be charged at time of purchase.




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