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We caught up with Mimi, who started out as a retail associate at Bryr, and asked her some questions about working at Bryr:

Bryr: How long have you been at Bryr and what is your current position? 

Mimi: Almost three and half years! I am currently the Customer Experience and Office Operations Manager.

Bryr:  How long did you work as a retail associate at Bryr? 

Mimi: About a year, up until we closed the shop when the pandemic hit. That said, I’ve been working with customers virtually ever since.
Mimi making friends at our annual sample sale.
Bryr:  What was your favorite thing about working in the Bryr shop? 
Mimi: The literal and metaphorical warmth – our space was so beautiful, peaceful and sunny. Plus, our community are some of the kindest and most interesting people ever…those warm and genuine interactions really make a place special. 

Bryr: What was the funniest/quirkiest thing that happened in the store while you were there?

Mimi: An entire birthday party came in to try on clogs! We had a great time and everyone found a pair of clogs.

Mimi making friends at our annual sample sale.
Bryr:  What’s the most interesting thing about working with the Bryr community? 
Mimi: Honestly, just working closely with someone to find THE shoe. I personally find shoes interesting because they reflect parts of a person’s identity, so cultivating a relationship with someone to understand their needs, their aesthetic, their comfort levels and their color preferences is both fascinating and a privilege. 
Bryr:  What’s been the biggest surprise about working at Bryr that you didn't expect when you started at Bryr? 
Mimi: Honestly, I didn’t expect that my interests and skills would be nurtured as much as they have! I feel like I’ve grown immeasurably as a person and a professional. Time flies when you’re having fun! 
Bryr: What’s your favorite lunch/drinks spot in Dogpatch?
Mimi: I have been named the Oat Milk Queen over at Neighbor Bakehouse, haha! I usually get a ginger pull-apart and coffee, or run to Piccino for a latte and scone. I also love the fried chicken at Wooly Pig!
Bryr:  Which clog style is your favorite?
Mimi: Please don’t make me choose! But it’s Chloe. ;) 
If you are interested in joining the Bryr retail team, please click here to read about current opportunities at Bryr. 


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