We are so happy you guys love AGAVE!!! In response to the outpouring of your Agave love we have received over the past couple months, we have decided to add Agave to our fall line!!! AND, we’ve decided to open up pre-ordering of Agave starting this Thursday, June 25th, at 9:30am PDT for an early September delivery!!! Yay!!!

Ordering from this collection will be exactly like ordering from our Summer Capsule back in April. If you haven’t shopped from our pre-order collections before, we want to do our best to help you feel prepared to shop on Thursday by sharing some tips—or rules of enjoyment—in addition to answers to your frequently asked questions below. These are by no means necessary nor will they guarantee your purchase. Please read through, and if you still have questions, you can schedule a 15-minute phone call with our customer service team here, or email us at hello@bryrstudio.com.

What does pre-order mean and why are you doing it?
Pre-order means that you are able to place an order for clogs which will be shipping starting late August. The benefit of pre-order is you are able to get to the front of the cut queue. I.e., you get your clogs first!!! 

How many pre-order orders are available?
There will be a total of 250 clogs available. 

When does pre-order open?
To get ahead of the queue, we’re offering an opportunity to pre-order Agave starting this Thursday, June 25th, at 9:30am PDT!

Save the link to the collection and set your alarm!
The clogs will go live here on Thursday, June 25th, at 9:30am PDT. That’s 12:30pm EDT.

“Show up” at 9:30am SHARP
Agave has gone fast in the past, and we want you to have the best opportunity possible to snag a pair! 

Refresh the page if you aren’t seeing everything at 9:30am
There will be 2 products to choose from. Sometimes technology fails us, so if you aren’t seeing them all at 9:30 am PDT, refresh your page! They are as follows: 1) Agave Sandal and 2) Agave Closed Toe Clog or Bootie.

Set up a way to auto-fill your payment and shipping information at checkout
Simply putting clogs in the cart on our website does not save or hold them. They are not yours until you have completed the purchase by submitting payment! Holding clogs in the cart is not currently a feature available on the platform we use for our website, and it honestly makes things more fair! We have limited quantities of our pre-order Agave leathers, and people often add clogs to their carts that they never purchase. If those were held, they would be unavailable to other folks—namely you!! 

That said, we hear you and we know it can feel discouraging when you get something in your cart that goes away before you can complete payment. Saving your credit card information to your computer so that it autofills at checkout is a great way to efficiently submit payment! There are tons of services to use out there to save your info to your computer or phone—Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, we’re not here to judge! The point is, pick your poison, save your info to your computer or phone, and use it to your advantage for a faster checkout process.

Have the text for your preferred style, heel height, and size copied and ready to go
Because our Agave pre-order leather is limited, ordering from this collection will be a little different than ordering from our regular line. There will be 2 products total in the collection:

1. Agave Sandal
2. Agave Closed Toe Clog or Bootie

You might notice there’s some key info missing—like the heel height, style, and size! To purchase a clog in the type (closed or sandal) you’d like, you’ll add it to the cart and then you’ll write which style, heel height, and size you would like in the special instructions section of your order. If you are on a desktop, the special instructions section is right below the image of the clog you are ordering. If you are on mobile, it’s below the check out button.

As stated above, when you add clogs to the cart on our website, it does not save or hold them until you have submitted payment. To efficiently check out, it helps to have the text copied (i.e. your style, heel height, and size) so you can simply paste it in the special instructions box—unless you’re a super fast typer :) And that brings us to...

Have your dream clog(s) picked out ahead of time

This one’s easy—Agave is the only color available in this pre-order!

We are offering both closed and open-toe styles in this pre-order. You may choose from *any* of the current styles on our website. They are as follows:

Open toe/sandals: Miranda Peep Toe, Miranda Sandal Toe, Miranda Spanish Toe, Emma Cross-Over, Emma Spanish Toe, Emma Sandal Toe, Rachel Sandal Toe, Rachel Peep Toe, Suzie Spanish Toe, and Jayne. These are all available in high or mid heel.

Closed toe clogs or booties: Chloe - High heel, Clementine - High or mid heel, Emma Closed Toe - High or mid heel, Emma T-Strap - High or mid heel, Suzie Closed Toe - High or mid heel, Sofie Closed Toe Bootie with Kilt - High heel, Millie Closed Toe Clog with Kilt - High heel, and Camilla - Mid heel.

You may see many of these styles by searching our website or visiting our Instagram. Additionally, you can check hashtags on Instagram by using this convention: #bryr_stylename

Heel height
We offer both a high heel (3.25”) and a mid heel (2.25”). Please see the styles listed above to see which are available in the mid heel and which are available in the high heel. We know it can be hard to choose between the two but trust your gut! How used are you to walking in a 2-inch heel vs. a 3-inch heel? Are you buying these clogs for everyday wear or a night on the town?

Our clogs run true to US whole sizes. We offer sizes 4–11 in our high heel and size 5–11 in our mid heel. Order what you normally wear! If you are a half size, we recommend sizing down if you order into our high heel and sizing up if you order into our mid heel. For example, if you are most often an 8.5 in a heeled shoe, you would order an 8 in our high heel, and a 9 in our mid heel. 

If you have wide or narrow feet, consider ordering a style with adjustability (straps or laces). This will allow you to tighten or loosen the clogs as you need. 

You may read more on our fit guide here.

Familiarize yourself with our exchange policy and our blog
We always recommend reading our exchange policy before purchasing. These clogs will be eligible for exchange. Additionally, we recommend reading through our blog. It has details on how we’re operating during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Stay in touch this week!
We’ll be sharing more on Instagram and via our newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.




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