Dear Friends,

As many of you know, our San Francisco city leaders made the weighty decision to close the city down on Monday. We feel proud of our leaders for making this decision to protect the health of at-risk communities. It's without a doubt the right thing to do.

Our online shop remains open, however our retail store and manufacturing is complying with this order and has closed for three weeks. As a small business, this is a big deal to our bottom line. To help our business stay healthy and provide for our team, we have decided to launch this impromptu sample sale. (Big props to the team for pulling this together in less than 2 days!!!) We are so excited for this sale—it's a double whammy. We are combining our online seconds sale with our instant gratification perfect clogs. It's the first time we have ever offered perfect clogs at a discount!!!

If you've been thinking about getting some of our clogs and you're able to shop, we hope you decide this is the time. Every dollar you spend goes towards keeping Bryr a thriving and healthy business. Your support means everything to us.

Hope you find something you love!



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