Your name:
Erin Fong
Where you live:
Emeryville, CA
What do you do:
Tell me a little about your journey to embracing color:
Wow. I LOVE color and the power that it has to change our moods. Looking back, I definitely had a fun colorful wardrobe in middle and high school, moved into more basics and neutrals in my 20s, but the color lover in me has reemerged in my 30s and it truly feels like "me". I find so much joy in wearing a colorful outfit and even more joy when it matches my environment. (Reels are so fun for this!) Color has also informed my creative practice and I find myself using it as a healing tool. Sometimes that's putting on a colorful outfit that makes me smile. Other times it's doing the introspective work of identifying feelings and labeling them as colors which is expressed in my art practice.
What's the last project you did and what did you like about it? 
I'm currently working towards the biggest project of my life! The Sensation of Color is my solo show that opens January 14, 2023 at Bedford Gallery. (Please come!) This show explores our connection to color and the emotional response it elicits. Having the opportunity to fill a large gallery has allowed me to think in much larger ways. The Friendship Project, a chromatic series of prints offering advice about friendship, has grown to over 300 posters and I've developed a series of abstract paintings that translate feelings into color. However, what I am most excited about are two color-filled installations that will immerse viewers in changing hues. You will definitely leave with a dopamine boost!
What piece of advice would you give the 25 year old you?
I would tell my younger self that perfection is a myth that actually holds you back. Instead, choose progress over perfection.
How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as colorful and cute with a borderline obsession on matching my surroundings. I love supporting small independent labels with a focus on sustainable and ethical fashion. 
What are your favorite bryr clogs styles?
I always love a mule and am very into the form and function of the block heel styles.
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