Your name: Dr. Amani Zewail

Your pronouns: she/her

Where you live: Bay Area

What you do: Ob/Gyn 

Isobel: We met in the shop about 6 months ago and immediately started chatting about Menopause and you shared so much helpful info with me. As an OBGYN , what do you think is the biggest misconception women have about Menopause? 

Amani: The biggest misconception is that there are no options. There are so many safe options (both hormonal and non-hormonal)  to have you feeling great during menopause and the years leading up to it. You don’t have to suffer. 

Isobel: Are there any books you would recommend for people who are in the change or about to go through it? 

Amani: There are so many different symptoms that women may experience and so many different strategies to manage them that there is no “right” way for every woman. I recommend finding literature that resonates with your values and is based on good research. A reputable source is a must, so that you don’t get misinformation or misguided. 

Isobel: I personally HATE those articles that suggest what a 20/30/40/50 year old should wear. I think style is ageless and anyone can have amazing style. What's something you love about the way you dress right now? 

Amani: My style is a unique reflection of all the cities I’ve been fortunate to live in. It’s a mix of 90’s LA, bohemian Berkeley, and Chicago influence. I always love a feminine look, whether it’s with color, pattern, or cut. A feminine style is timeless and looks good at any age. 

Isobel: You work in a clinic most days. What do you like about wearing your clogs to work?

Amani: I’m often in scrubs and standing for many hours.  I love that I’m able to be comfortable and stylish both at the same time. 

Isobel: You mentioned that your work cohort all wears Bryrs. How did you guys discover Bryr? 

Amani: Ob/Gyns love to share best practices that help us get through long work days. Once we find something practical for work, it spreads like wildfire. 

Isobel: If you could time travel and have coffee with yourself at 25 what would you tell her? 

Amani: You have a long, beautiful road ahead of you, so make yourself comfortable and have fun along the way. 

Isobel: Which are your favorite Bryrs and why? 

Amani: Anything in Clay. The color is a unique neutral tone with a subtle pink hue. But if I had to pick one clog - the worker. It’s just too darn comfortable and can be dressed up for work or with jeans on the weekends. 

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