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We met Emma when we started working with Mill Merchantile a little over a year ago. When I found her instagram, I fell in love with her simple, elegant, West Coast style, so we asked her to do a little shoot in her new Bryr Emma Clogs, and we asked her a few questions about living in SF. 

Hometown: San Francisco, CA (Inner Richmond!)
Occupation: Sales associate at Mill Mercantile
What do you care about?
I care about books, and playing chase with my little sister, and finding the perfectly tart/sweet cara cara orange, and spending time with my parents, and making people laugh, and having clean sheets, and making sure people in my life feel loved.
Where are your favorite places to visit in the Bay area?
I love going out to see family in Marin and Los Altos, vintage denim and book shopping in Oakland, and browsing the farmers markets in Alameda. 
Your favorite book?
It would hands down have to be The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. She is an outstanding writer that has to be from another planet, she's that good. 
Emma is wearing: The Emma closed toe in Whiskey, Black Crane jacket and vintage levis.
What are your 4 favorite Bryr styles? 


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