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When 3 bloggers all asked to style our new Emma cross-over clog in our blush nubuck, we were delighted. We  asked them to share their photos, tell us what they love about their new clogs, and how they like to bring their own individual style to them.


Laura Arbo (@laura_elizabeth)
Home town: Originally from Texas and now living in Portland, OR 
Our Questions:
Why did you choose the Emma Cross-toe in blush?
I've been wanting a pair of beautiful clogs for over two years now. The Emma Cross-toe has this perfect feminine detailing that was unlike other clog styles I had seen in the past. Timeless and also unexpected. The blush goes with every outfit and can be dressed up or down. I love how the neutral color adds a gorgeous pop to my feet. I never have to second guess wearing my Emma's because they go with everything and are SO comfortable. 
What do you love about them?
I'm low maintenance as they come. I believe I have two pairs of heels in my closet, my Bryr clogs included. For me, the shoe has to be comfortable, functional and also stylish. We walk everywhere in Portland and it rains a bit so footwear is a big deal. My clogs are perfect for working from a coffee shop or strolling down the street for a grocery run. Plus, I get compliments on them every.single.time I wear them out! They're a conversation starter, for sure! 
So far, what's your favorite way to wear them?
I love wearing them with overalls, a striped sweater + a scarf. Chic + comfie. My husband also requests them on date nights. He's a huge fan too. :) 
Anything else you wanna add....?
Quality gorgeous footwear that's as unique as you are! I can't stop telling everyone about Bryr! They're beyond gorgeous and the perfect complement to my closet. They're truly an item I'll keep for years. Isobel is a dream! 
What do you care about right now?
I currently serve on the board of an amazing non-profit in Portland called Dollar for Portland. They help raise money for families with financial burdens, one dollar at a time! It's so amazing to see the city of Portland rally together to help raise financial support for these sweet families. 
I also volunteer weekly at an addiction recovery center for women called Shepherd's Door. These ladies are my heroes as they're making incredible sacrifices to find help in areas of their lives that may seem hopeless. But they're doing it! Their lives are changing and it's incredible to stand beside them as it's happening. 
My husband and I believe in doing whatever you can to make the city you're living in a better place. Volunteer, know your neighbors, give financially towards a local non-profit. Your time and dollars really do make an impact. 
Laura's photos are by @AbbyTohline
Name: Latisha Carlson (@nolongerwander)
Hometown: Albuquerque
Why did you choose the Emma Cross-toe in blush?
I had a difficult time choosing but the Emma Cross toe ended up feeling like the best choice. I wanted a heel but not too high seeing that I am 5’11” and I have the Chloe Closed Toe in black which is a taller heel. The two allows me to have variety!
So far, what's your favorite way to wear them?
I feel like I can wear the Emma on my relaxed days as well as pairing them with a dress on a night out! The blush was a soft way to add a pop of color to my wardrobe. I tend to stay away from bold colors so the blush was a perfect way to bring in color without “freaking me out”!!! The Emma is comfortable and the leather is soft to the foot! The blush is so so pretty!!!
Hailey Andresen (@householdmagny
Home town: Nevada City, CA, now traveling Europe 
Why did you choose the Emma cross toe in blush?
I love the feminine blush color that still has a neutral tone. It goes with everything! 
What's your favorite way to style them?
As a mom I'm typically dressed down in jeans and sneakers so it feels so special to toss these on with a sundress!  Making investments in your wardrobe are always worth it. More and more I'm finding that I want fewer items at a higher quality. The Emma cross toe in blush is the perfect heel to dress any outfit up! 
What do you care about right now?
Our family is our number one priority right now. We're leaving a week from today to travel the world together, work from wherever we are and focus on the important things in life. :)
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